Are you an overlord on a feast?

There is an old saying that no wine no business.
Are you an overlord on a feast? Let's have a test.
Question 1/
Are you a person who knows how to listen?
Question 2/
Will you be patient with other people's doubts about you?
Question 3/
Do you like to make up your mind alone?
Question 4/
Do you like to go to the forefront of all kinds of fashion trends?
Question 5/
Do you have a clear plan for your future?
Question 6/
Do you like to make friends with people who have the same ability as you?
Question 7/
Will you make constructive comments during the meeting?
Question 8/
When you are a student, do you actively join various management organizations?
Question 9/
What position do you want to be in your own job?
Question 10/
Will you be timid when you speak in public?
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