How much do you know about Christmas?

How much do you know about Christmas? Let's have a test.
Question 1/
The Christmas set up to commemorate whose birthday?
Question 2/
Is December 25th the day of the real birth of Jesus?
Question 3/
Which country is the first one to put an evergreen tree at home at Christmas?
Question 4/
Who was the first person to put the lighted candles on the Christmas tree?
Question 5/
Is there a shepherd in the scene of the birth of Jesus?
Question 6/
Are there any nuts in the stockings hanging on the mantel?
Question 7/
Which two countries are many famous Christmas songs from?
Question 8/
What is the animal that pulls the car for Santa Claus?
Question 9/
Where does Santa Claus live in the legend?
Question 10/
Where is Santa Claus from?
Question 11/
What is the transportation for Santa Claus?
Question 12/
Is Christmas a global Festival?
Question 13/
What kind of tree is the Christmas tree usually?
Question 14/
What is the name of Santa Claus?
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