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Chiffon Cake | Chinese Food Easy Recipes

▪ Ingredients  




4 pcs


40 g

Low Gluten Flour

40 g

White granulated sugar

40 g

Corn oil

40 g


the right amount


▪ Detailed steps  

Separation of egg white and egg yolk

Mix milk and corn oil well, then add the sifted low gluten flour and stir well

Pour the egg yolk into the batter and mix well

Whip the egg whites and pour in the sugar in 3 batches

Add the whipped egg whites to the egg batter and mix well

Pour the batter into the mold, lay flat and shake off the bubbles

Preheat the oven for 10 minutes, then put the mold in the middle of the oven, the upper and lower heat 180 ℃ baking 20 minutes

Take out the cake, spread the jam of your choice, roll it up and press it tightly, then cut it into pieces and enjoy

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