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Star Ball Cake Recipe | How to Make a Star Ball Cake

▪ Ingredients  



Light Cream

the right amount

Edible coloring

a few

Cake Slices

2 pieces

White Chocolate

the right amount

White granulated sugar

a few


▪ Detailed steps  

Melt chocolate over hot water

Squeeze the melted chocolate into the mold and refrigerate to set

The rest of the chocolate is divided into 3 parts

Add edible coloring and mix well

Brush into the mold and refrigerate to solidify

Refrigerate the chocolates and unmold them

Pour the white chocolate liquid into the mold and shake the ball to spread the chocolate liquid, pour out the excess, repeat the operation after it solidifies

Light cream with sugar whipped

Remove the solidified chocolate spheres from the mold and place them on the small chocolate circles

Squeeze light cream and cake slices into the hemisphere

Final decoration of the surface

Cover with another chocolate dome, glued with chocolate liquid, put the big chocolate circle, finished

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